Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Manuel Bäuerle

Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Manuel Bäuerle

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Asteroid Day global programme would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of our interns. They are behind the scenes of our major events like Asteroid Day LIVE, Gala, Technical Briefing and community events in Luxembourg.

In this Community Member Spotlight, we talked with Manuel Bäeurle, Software Engineer and Aerospace Engineering Student, about his experience with Asteroid Day. Manuel was in high school when he first joined the Asteroid Day intern crew in 2016.

Manuel, how did you hear about the opportunity to get involved with Asteroid Day?

Initially, I got asked by my school in Germany to take an internship in a profession that I am interested in. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but I was interested in working in the space sector. In addition, I always wanted to go to the USA. So I researched and applied online for space organisations in the States, landing at the B612 Foundation / Asteroid Day in California.

What were some of the roles you held while interning for Asteroid Day?

Supporting Asteroid Day event hosts was one of my main tasks. I answered their questions, handed out materials and helped very motivated people to host their own local Asteroid Day events, from Chile to India.

Additionally, I was responsible for maintaining and extending the WordPress website by designing new pages and writing bits and pieces of code. Making sure it doesn’t fall apart or catch fire when thousands of people access it at once was part of it.

And during the first Asteroid Day LIVE in Luxembourg, I administered the live calls coming into the studio from scientists around the globe. Everyone needed to be synced in time, have a stable connection and be prepared for their interviews.

Asteroid Day LIVE, Scientist call-in during the broadcast

What were some of the new skills you picked up?

I definitely learned quite a lot about communications and improvisation, as well as working under high pressure. Event management, web design, cloud-based workflows, teamwork and prioritisation are some of the important skills learned.

What person did you meet during your time with Asteroid Day that inspired you and why?

Asteroid Day had a big impact on my life. In fact, I might have not chosen my current path without meeting all these inspiring people. Not only the astronauts and scientists I met sparked my love for science and engineering, but also my lovely team members such as Danica Remy, Diane Murphy and Grigorij Richters inspired me for my future in many different ways.

What was your favourite part about the internship as a whole?

The best part was meeting people! Asteroid Day brings together so many interesting people and it is always a pleasure to meet them. The Gala obviously is a gorgeous final event after a lot of work. But even the internship itself – working towards a great goal together with the team was always very rewarding, no matter how much stress was on.

Asteroid Day Gala 2017

How did the experience with Asteroid Day impact you personally and professionally?

After talking to all these people at my internships I finally knew what I wanted to do after school: Aerospace engineering. Today I am almost done studying and probably would have chosen something else, without this incredible experience.
With confidence, will power and determination at the top of the list, I also grew personally in many different ways.

Would you recommend interning for Asteroid Day? Why?

Of course! Participating in this event in any way is a very unique experience. Not only will you learn a lot and meet awesome people, but you may also make friendships for life.