About Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day as observed annually on 30 June is the United Nations sanctioned day of public awareness of the risks of asteroid impacts.  Our mission is to educate the public about the risks and opportunities of asteroids year-round by hosting events, providing educational resources and regular communications to our global audience on multiple digital platforms.

How it started…

Asteroid Day was co-founded by astrophysicist and famed musician Dr Brian May of the rock group Queen, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart, filmmaker Grig Richters, and B612 Foundation President Danica Remy, to educate the public about the importance of asteroids –their role in the formation of our solar system, their impact in space resources and the importance of defending our planet from future impacts. Asteroid Day is observed annually on 30 June to mark the date of Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event.

100x Declaration

To initially launch the Asteroid Day education programmes in 2014, members of the asteroid community drafted and released a petition to gather public support for asteroid education and called on governments to accelerate the funding of asteroid discovery programmes. Today, this petition, the 100x Declaration, has been signed by hundreds of prominent individuals around the world, including leaders in science, technology, and business, and more than 125 astronauts.

30 June – UN Sanctioned Asteroid Day

In 2016, with the leadership of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), the United Nations declared 30 June as International Asteroid Day in order to “observe each year at the international level the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia, Russian Federation, on 30 June 1908, and to raise public awareness about the asteroid impact hazard.”

Read the official UN resolution declaring International Asteroid Day

Independently Organized Global Events

Asteroid Day events are held around the world annually on or around 30 June. These events are largely independently organized by museums, space agencies, universities, clubs and enthusiastic educators around the world for people of all ages and mostly free-of-charge. Events range from lectures and to short story contests to live concerts and broader community events. Learn more about hosting Asteroid Day events.

Asteroid Foundation

The Asteroid Day website and activities became an official programme of Asteroid Foundation after it was established in 2017. Asteroid Foundation’s mission is to promote worldwide awareness of the opportunities and challenges surrounding asteroids, and the emerging space economy. In addition to running the Asteroid Day programs above, the Foundation manages local programs including the Asteroid Day Gala and Technical briefings in Luxembourg as well a undertaking other year-round programme of activities.

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