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All around the globe, regionally organised events are held on Asteroid Day.These events range from live concerts and community events, to lectures and other educational programmes, to raise public awareness of the need for increased detection and mapping of asteroids.

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Bill Nye explains why you should care and host an Asteroid Day Event

 Educate the next Generation

June 30th primarily is about asteroid education. Asteroids are not just hazardous to our planet; they provide us the building blocks to life by transporting them to Earth. Whether you decide to organise an event for young school children, higher educated students or just for your friends, we can provide you with the necessary tools to execute a successful event.

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Need some inspiration?

Our inaugural Asteroid Day in 2015 saw over 150 self-organised events across the world. It helped move the global conversation forward. This year we are expecting the conversation to be even louder and more productive. Join us.

 Screen A Film

The feature film 51º NORTH was directed by Asteroid Day co-founder Grig Richters and musician Brian May scored the music. The film inspired the commencement of Asteroid Day and is available for free to event organisers.

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We prepared plenty of resources to aid in your event planning. These resources are available to you free of charge. The European Space Agency and Universe Awareness are currently developing an educational toolkit that will be valuable asset to your Asteroid Day event. Click here for more information.

 Highlight Your local Scientists

Find a local astronomer and host him/her at your 2016 event. Asteroid Day strives to help put a spotlight on the men and women who devote their lives working to protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

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