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So Long Arecibo – And Thanks For All The Asteroid News

December 2, 2020
At Asteroid Day, we are very sorry to hear of the collapse of the Arecibo Observatory’s iconic 305-metre radio telescope. This is a sad loss for radio astronomers and asteroid scientists around the world. When used as a planetary radar, Arecibo has been at the forefront of characterising asteroids and helping with planetary defense by […]
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LEARN – What is an Asteroid?

December 1, 2020
Learning Objective:  To understand what an asteroid is, and how they fit into the rest of the Solar System.  Overview: What is an asteroid? Asteroids are rocky and metallic celestial objects that orbit the Sun, and are smaller than planets. They exist in large numbers and in a variety of orbital families. Asteroids are also […]
makoto_yoshikawa profile

JAXA’s Hayabusa2 Mission Manager Makoto Yoshikawa

November 25, 2020
Dr Makoto Yoshikawa is the Mission Manager for Hayabusa2 at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), which is part of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).  Hayabusa2 began exploring asteroid Ryugu in June 2018, and collected samples from its surface in 2019. On 6 December, the spacecraft will fly past Earth and drop […]
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Jupiter and Saturn’s Connection to Asteroids

November 24, 2020
This year ends with an extraordinary celestial event and the chance to talk about Jupiter and Saturn’s connection to asteroids. On 21 December, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will be so close to each other that they will appear to touch. Although the two planets draw close to each other every 20 years, this year […]

Meet Asteroid Day Event Organisers Astronomy on Tap Groningen

November 20, 2020
Astronomy on Tap Groningen is a global organisation that began in New York City in 2014. Now stretching around the world, each Astronomy on Tap event features talks, quizzes and games by professional astronomers and educators that take place in the informal setting of a local bar. Groningen joined the global AoT family after a […]
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Hayabusa2’s Impact Event Shows How Asteroid Ryugu Responds To Being Struck

November 16, 2020
On 6 December 2020, JAXA’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft will arrive back at Earth to drop a canister into the Woomera Test Range in Australia. The canister will contain samples taken from asteroid Ryugu during two collection events in 2019.  The first manoeuvre, in February 2019, collected material from the asteroid’s surface. The second event, in April […]
FEATURED IMAGE SIZE Asteroid_16_Psyche_-47191

New Views Of Mysterious Metal Asteroid Psyche

November 13, 2020
At about 140 miles in diameter, Psyche is one of the most massive objects in the main asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Previous observations indicate that Psyche is a dense, largely metallic object thought to be the leftover core of a planet that failed in formation. A new study authored by Southwest Research […]

LEARN – Why Bring Asteroid Samples Back to Earth?

November 10, 2020
Learning Objective:  To understand why it is scientifically important to collect samples from asteroids and bring them back to Earth. Overview: It may seem like a huge and risky effort to collect samples from asteroids and bring them back to Earth but the rewards are well worth it. On Earth, the samples can be analysed […]

Welcome Hayabusa2 Home With An Asteroid Event!

November 7, 2020
On 6 December, samples of the asteroid Ryugu collected by Japanese probe Hayabusa2 are scheduled to arrive. If everything goes as planned, a capsule containing these samples should land in the Australian desert. The touchdown will be the conclusion of an important chapter in the history of the study and exploration of asteroids. The Hayabusa2 […]

Asteroid Day Highlighted Event – Astronomy On Tap, The Netherlands

November 6, 2020
Astronomy on Tap is a popular Dutch event that takes place on the first Monday of every month in the Buckshot Cafe in Groningen. At least, it did until the restrictions to control the pandemic were enacted. Like so many other events, Astronomy on Tap moved online, and for their July edition they chose to […]


October 28, 2020
India’s STEM & Space organization grew out of a desire to help make the study of science and technology more engaging to children of all ages. The founders believed that while India taught excellent science in schools, STEM & Space could help stimulate school children’s imaginations by making the subject more hands-on and exciting.  STEM […]