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Asteroid Day in Iraq – University of Baghdad

September 14, 2022
Established in 1998, the University of Baghdad is the only University in Iraq with a department dedicated to Astronomy and Space. Throughout the year, they carry out various outreach activities, […]

Tito’s Asteroid Day Signature Cocktails

September 13, 2022
Planning your next event? How about including one of these Tito’s Asteroid Day Signature Cocktails! Bubbling Bennu 1 1/2 oz Tito’s vodka 1/2 oz butterfly pea flower tea 3 oz lemonade […]
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Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Rhea Abdo

September 12, 2022
Asteroid Day global programme would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of our interns. They are behind the scenes of our major events like Asteroid Day LIVE, Gala, Technical [...]
types of asteroids

LEARN – What are the different types of Asteroids?

September 6, 2022
Learning Objective: Learn what are the different types of asteroids based on their composition. Overview: Asteroids are not just irregularly shaped rocky bodies. There are many different types of asteroids […]
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How Asteroids Hold the Key for our Future in Space

August 26, 2022
This article was originally published on wwwen.uni.lu/snt/ on July 14, 2022. Early in the morning of June 30, 1908, a massive explosion occurred in Tunguska, Russia. With over 1000 times more […]