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2022 will rock you!

January 7, 2022
2021 proved to be an historic year for asteroid exploration and planetary defense and 2022 promises...
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2022 will rock you!

January 7, 2022
2021 proved to be an historic year for asteroid exploration and planetary defense and 2022 promises to be yet another exciting sequence! Asteroid Day may be in June, but asteroid education can be taught all year long. We are here to help you plan safe, fun and stimulating events all year long! What exciting missions, […]
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LEARN – How do we categorize potential asteroid or comet impact events?

January 5, 2022
Learning Objective: Find out how scientists currently categorise the risk of potential asteroid or comet impact events. Overview: Currently, scientists use two scales: the Turin Scale and the Palermo Scale. In this lesson, students will learn that these scales help translate into numbers the risks and consequences of an asteroid impact and which of these […]

Hollywood Finally Listened to Scientists

December 31, 2021
This article was originally published in the Skeptical Inquirer on December 30, 2021. Written by: Mark Boslough Hollywood has always had trouble with science. To its credit, the American Film Institute (AFI) recognized the problem and ran a series of Catalyst Workshops to help scientists learn the art of storytelling and translate their work into […]

Sodom Meteor Strike Claims Should Be Taken with a Pillar of Salt

December 29, 2021
This article was originally published in Skeptical Inquirer Volume 46, No. 1 on January/February 2022. Written by: Mark Boslough On September 20, 2021, the open access journal Scientific Reports posted a paper titled “A Tunguska Sized Airburst Destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age City in the Jordan Valley Near the Dead Sea” (Bunch et […]

Meet Allan Posner, Asteroid Institute Engineer and Astrodynamicist

December 28, 2021
They say that first loves never die. For engineer and astrodynamicist Allan Posner, that first love was space. “I was a child of the 60s and was really enthralled by all the Moon landings that occurred in the late 60s and early 70s. And I just really wanted to work in the space business,” says […]

AstroClubul Iași brought asteroid education to Cotnari Romania

December 9, 2021
For Asteroid Day 2021, AstroClubul Iași Romania provided a day of activities including a word from a local celebrity astronaut, presentations, a meteorite collection and even a special cake! The event was organized by the AstroClubul Iași, a program supported by the Academic Foundation IF2000 Iasi. The Foundation was established in 1996 by retired professors […]
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#AsteroidDayReflections: Remembering 2021

December 7, 2021
December is a great time of year to reflect and share the notable moments in asteroid science, exploration and planetary defence. It is a busy month in both the northern and southern hemispheres, with people celebrating the holidays, out on summer break or enjoying the alpine snow. How do you host an event in-between cooking […]

LEARN – What are active asteroids?

December 3, 2021
Learning Objective: Learn that some asteroids may have characteristics of other celestial bodies including comets! Overview: Active asteroids have attracted the attention of scientists because they have the ability to create a tail like comets and to generate visible phenomena like meteor showers. Specifics: Active asteroids are small bodies in the Solar System that have […]
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The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce: Nurturing the space economy

December 3, 2021
The main role of the Chamber of Commerce is to protect and promote the interests of businesses and the economy of Luxembourg. One of its goals in this regard, is to position Luxembourg as a hub for the growing space industry.  In fact, Luxembourg has nearly 40 years of experience in the space sector already. […]
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NASA launches the DART mission towards its date with destiny

November 24, 2021
NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) has launched. Blasting off at 1:21am EST from Space Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, the mission is now on course for a fateful rendezvous with asteroid Dimorphos in September 2022. DART was carried into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. As with all [...]

Sirius Astro-Club celebrates Asteroid Day in Benin Africa

November 17, 2021
Asteroid Day in Benin Africa was celebrated for a full 3 days thanks to a new event organizer, Sirius Astro-Club.  Founded by Prudence Ayivi in the fall of 2020, the Club was first created on Facebook with the goal of sharing information on astronomy in Benin and around the world. The name “Sirius” was later […]
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LEARN – How could we deflect an asteroid?

November 16, 2021
Learning Objective: Learn what the main asteroid deflection methods are. Overview: Despite what is portrayed in Hollywood, there are many viable options to defend the Earth from asteroids. Learn about the top discussed asteroid deflection methods of today. Specifics: Asteroid impacts are the only preventable natural disaster. Unlike hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or tsunamis, scientists have [...]