Become part of the United Nations-recognised Asteroid Day celebration
Two days of exciting events dedicated to space, asteroids, and STEAM

28 June, Friday

Asteroid Day Space Lecture

Join the Asteroid Day Space Lecture hosted by the Asteroid Foundation, headquarters for Asteroid Day, in Luxembourg. This event offers a unique opportunity for students, academia, the space community, and the general public to learn about the latest updates in asteroid and space research. Join us for an informative and engaging lecture presented by astronauts and experts in the field.

The Lecture will be divided into two parts. It will start with three presentations by:

  • Dr. Grimm, ETH Zurïch
  • Miss. Abdelrahman Al Mazmi, UAE Space Agency
  • Mr. Mirel, CNRS Paris

The second part, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Space Agency and the European Space Agency, will focus on the HERA mission:

  • Keynote by GOMSpace
  • Panel: The latest news and outlook

The Space Lecture will conclude with an evening at the Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle.

  • Visit the exhibition “Asteroid Mission”
  • Space Café, a cocktail event with astronauts, space scientists, Asteroid Day experts, and the local space community,
  • “Astronomer of a Night” with Gianluca Masi

Free entry – registration required

29 June, Saturday

Asteroid Day Festival

Asteroid Day Festival- PROGRAMME

With a special emphasis on our young trailblazers, we welcome all members of the public to join us for a day packed with thrilling learning, astonishing discoveries, and non-stop fun!

Meet space experts and astronauts and engage in interactive space-themed workshops for all the family. Listen to captivating discussions on asteroids, space missions, finance in space, data sonification and more! Learn from industry-leading experts and visionaries about the latest advancements and insights.

Attendance is free, and while registration is not mandatory, it would greatly assist us in coordinating logistics if you choose to register.


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