iDialogue and Asteroid Foundation Organise a Space Odyssey with Astronaut Dorin Prunariu

iDialogue and Asteroid Foundation Organise a Space Odyssey with Astronaut Dorin Prunariu

iDialogue and Asteroid Foundation Organise a Space Odyssey with Astronaut Dorin Prunariu https://asteroidday-uploads.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/10205603/iDialogue-Asteroid-Foundation-graphic.png 641 506 Asteroid Day Asteroid Day https://asteroidday-uploads.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/10205603/iDialogue-Asteroid-Foundation-graphic.png

LONDON, UK (February 9, 2021) iDialogue, in partnership with the Asteroid Foundation has organised a virtual field trip to space for teenagers globally. This once in a lifetime chance is definitely not to be missed. The added bonus, teens will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a real Astronaut.

Dorin Prunariu, the first Romanian Astronaut, will share his experience of going into space. Incidentally, Dorin is the 104th person to have travelled into space.

Parents are urged to immediately subscribe to iDialogue, to help turn this dream into a reality for their children.

“Through our brand new online exchange program, we connect teenagers around the world to collaborate, share experiences, and learn about cultures and each other. In addition, we organise such virtual field trips to transport teenagers to the most exciting locations globally, in real time. There are a myriad of activities to participate in, and students can connect and learn with their peers from over 140 countries,” says Natalia Bout, Founder iDialogue.

Dorin at Asteroid Day LIVE 2019. Image Credit: Max Alexander / B612 / Asteroid Day

“We were pleased to facilitate this opportunity for young people and pique their interest in the emerging space economy. I certainly hope teens will continue on their space journey and be a part of the Asteroid Day celebrations later in the year,” says Markus Payer, Asteroid Foundation Board Chair.

“My days as an Astronaut and my time spent in space were the most fulfilling in terms of my career. It has been a privilege to share my experience and interact with such a diverse group of young global citizens. I do hope those who enjoy the challenge of Physics and Mathematics will seriously consider pursuing a career in Astrophysics. We need young people to pick-up the baton and continue on this odyssey, there is still so much to learn and discover about space,” Prunariu says.

iDialogue brings the world into the comfort of your home and the palms of teenagers. Therefore, parents are urged to help facilitate this new learning experience by subscribing to iDialogue, to enable young people to join the new virtual student exchange program. Importantly, let them be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We would like to thank our partners, Astronaut Dorin Prunariu, and the Asteroid Foundation for making today’s field trip a reality. Many teenagers around the world may never have the opportunity to physically go to another country in their lifetime. Therefore, the importance of such virtual trips cannot be overstated,” adds Bout.

About the speaker:

Dr. Dorin Prunariu is the Vice Chair of the Asteroid Foundation, a Romanian cosmonaut and regular speaker of Asteroid Day. He was the former President of the Romanian Space Agency. From 2014 until 2017 he was the vice-chair of the International Relations Committee of the European Space Agency (ESA). For his work connected with Near Earth Objects and for the promotion of the Asteroid Day as an international day recognized by the UN General Assembly, in 2017 an asteroid was named with his name, the asteroid “10707 Prunariu”. Read more and watch Dorin’s videos here.

About iDialogue:

This one-stop platform gives all users access to everything needed for seamless teaching and learning. It has created a secure eLearning environment for teachers and students for remote teaching and collaboration. iDialogue provides the tools to support instruction, learning, grading, and collaboration and assessment. Importantly, it places emphasis on the significance of social interaction and peer-to-peer remote learning. Learners can choose what they need to learn quickly and easily, wherever they are. iDialogue is not just a new way of learning; it’s a better way of working together. It complements the educational process by engaging students and immersing them in a cross-cultural environment. Importantly, it helps increase their level of comprehension through peer-to-peer learning, virtual field trips and access to experts. Visit the website here

About Asteroid Foundation: 

Asteroid Foundation was formed in 2017 with a mission to promote worldwide awareness of asteroid opportunities and challenges, and the emerging space economy. The Asteroid Foundation undertakes programmes and activities to support scientists, engineers and students around the world providing free educational tools, newsletters, original articles and resources year round. Annually, the Foundation organizes events surrounding international Asteroid Day–a United Nations recognized day of education and awareness observed on 30 June. 

Read more about Asteroid Foundation’s programs on their website and visit their Flickr account to see pictures from previous events. 

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