Sabina Raducan

Sabina Raducan

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Sabina D. Raducan is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Her job is mainly centered around creating numerical simulations of impacts into asteroids. Sabina has been part of the NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Program (DART) investigation team that examines the use of an impactor spacecraft for planetary defense against potential threats posed by Earth-crossing asteroids. Supervised by Gareth Collins, she applied the iSALE shock physics code to model the effect of asteroid properties (cohesion, porosity, internal fraction) on ejecta momentum distribution and to calculate the resulting deflection induced by the impactor. Sabina’s significant contributions to this study involved modifying the iSALE code to track high-speed, early ejecta in a computationally efficient manner with the model and modifying ejecta scaling laws. Her work will be essential in interpreting the results of the DART mission and more generally in developing planetary defenses against asteroidal threats.

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