Hoai Thu Nguyen Doan

Hoai Thu Nguyen Doan

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Senior Economist at the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg and former financial analyst in the space and high-tech sectors. With both an engineering and business management background acquired through her graduation from CentraleSupélec Paris and ESCP Europe, Mrs Nguyen Doan has pursued her passion for economics and technologies throughout her whole career. Her recent work has been focused on the data-driven economy and the transition towards a greener and more resilient economy.

She firmly believes that social progress is far more reachable if economic success conditions are met, that is why she is proud to assist and support Luxembourg companies through economic ups and downs in her everyday job. For that purpose, Mrs Nguyen Doan has published economic papers, articles and guides about digitalisation, the circular economy and trending technologies such as artificial intelligence, in order to help Luxembourg companies understand new economic trends and make the most of it.

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