Dr. Chamkaur Ghag

Dr. Chamkaur Ghag

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Welcome to my website! I am an astroparticle physicist working in the High Energy Physics Group within the Department of Physics & Astronomy at University College London (UCL).

My research focuses on conducting cutting edge experiments that look for rare signatures from physics processes that would shed light on some of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Universe – in particular, what it is made of! Most of the matter in the Universe is an unknown form of exotic ‘Dark Matter‘ that we know is present from its gravitational influence, but has never been directly observed. Incredibly, all the ‘regular’ matter that we are used to that makes up all we see around us, including us ourselves, only makes up a tiny 4% of our Universe. I lead the direct Dark Matter search activity at UCL. Check out my Research page to learn more about Dark Matter as well as my other research interests.

As a Lecturer at UCL, I also have teaching responsibilities and here students can find useful information about my teaching.

Feel free to get in touch about anything of interest you find, or if you were looking for something you didn’t find! For more up to date information try twitter.