Alan Fitzsimmons

Alan Fitzsimmons

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Alan Fitzsimmons is an astronomer and professor in the Queen’s University Belfast Astrophysics Research Centre. He is particularly interested in asteroid photometry, cometary size distributions and evolution, and NEO/comet spectroscopy. He is currently a member of the Pan-STARRS 1 Solar System Survey, the ATLAS Survey, the UK LSST Consortium, the ISSI ‘Oumuamua Team, HERA, and the Solar System Group . He is co-chair of the ISSI ‘Oumuamua team. He was co-Lead of the Pan-STARRS 1 Inner Solar System Survey and a member of the NEOShield-2 project, the ESA Rosetta ground-based support team, and the ISSI teams on Near-Sun Comets and Main-Belt Comets Main-Belt Comets.

 Professor Fitzsimmons’ primary research interests are in performing observations of minor bodies in our solar system, comets and asteroids. These studies are generally based on observations performed on UK-supported telescopes in the Canary Islands (ING) and Chile ( ESO). Alan is also a member of the WASP consortium which has built and operates the SuperWASP facility on La Palma and the UK Pan-STARRS Science Consortium. 

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