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We get submissions from around the world with all things asteroid related. We have published quite a few paper cutouts, quizzes, and other activities you can do at an Asteroid Day event or any day of the year.

While we don’t want folks to worry about armageddon, we do want people to have fun during independently organized Asteroid Day events. This word search puzzle could be fun to do!

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Asteroid Word Search Puzzle

About the creator:

Fictitious image of Jerry Stone

Space exploration has been Jerry Stone’s life-long passion. Stone has promoted spaceflight since 1969 by giving presentations around the UK and abroad, and in presenting public exhibitions. In 2004, Stone presented an 8-part evening course on Space Exploration at the University of Hertfordshire. In addition, he has been interviewed on TV and radio in the UK, the USA and in Romania, where they broadcast my footage of the 1999 eclipse. Jerry Stone is now a freelance presenter on astronomy and space exploration, travelling all over the UK. As well as his public talks, he presents a range of space workshops for schools – see my website for details. His aim is to use space to inspire students to follow courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Read more on Jerry Stone here.