Watch OSIRIS-REx Adventures with Dr Amy Simon

Watch OSIRIS-REx Adventures with Dr Amy Simon

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Watch as Asteroid Foundation and Asteroid Day Israel join forces to bring a special Space Connects Us event which aired on Monday 15 February.  NASA’s Dr Amy Simon takes us behind the scenes of the OSIRIS-REx mission that collected samples from asteroid Bennu last year. She tells us about the mission’s surprises and triumphs, reveals what’s more exciting that watching a rocket launch, and explains why three quarters of the samples that OSIRIS-REx will return will not be analysed but placed into storage when they land on Earth in 2023.

Here this and more by watching the video above.

About the speaker: 

Dr Simon received her PhD in Astronomy in 1998 from New Mexico State University. She joined NASA in 2001 and is the Senior Scientist for Planetary Atmospheres at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  Her scientific research involves studying the composition, dynamics, and cloud structure of jovian planet atmospheres, as well as asteroid spectroscopy. Dr Simon is involved in multiple robotic missions. She was a co-investigator on the Cassini Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) and is the Deputy Instrument Scientist for the OSIRIS-REx Visible and near-IR Spectrometer (OVIRS), as well as the Landsat 9 TIRS2 instrument. She is also the Deputy Principal Investigator for the L’Ralph instrument on the up-coming Lucy mission.

About the hosts: 

Victor Bar, Asteroid Day Israel regional co-ordinator, a project manager in real life and a real enthusiast about asteroids.

Tara Elad, The Jerusalem regional leader of The Horizon space educators community, Mentor in the Ramon Foundation, Professional Agriculture and space sciences teacher.

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About Asteroid Foundation: 

Asteroid Foundation was formed in 2017 with a mission to promote worldwide awareness of asteroid opportunities and challenges, and the emerging space economy. The Asteroid Foundation undertakes programmes and activities to support scientists, engineers and students around the world providing free educational tools, newsletters, original articles and resources year round. Annually, the Foundation organizes events surrounding international Asteroid Day–a United Nations recognized day of education and awareness observed on 30 June. Read more about Asteroid Foundation’s programs on their website and visit their Flickr account to see pictures from previous events. 

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