Teaching about Asteroids and Inspiring New Generations in Colombia

Teaching about Asteroids and Inspiring New Generations in Colombia

Teaching about Asteroids and Inspiring New Generations in Colombia https://asteroidday-uploads.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/17113751/Capture-decran-2024-05-17-a-11.37.34.png 1094 554 Asteroid Day Asteroid Day https://asteroidday-uploads.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/17113751/Capture-decran-2024-05-17-a-11.37.34.png

Meet the Colombian teacher and his group who use a lot of creativity to inspire new generations to learn about asteroids and planetary defence.


Álvaro José Cano Mejía dedicated his career to teaching mathematics, physics, geometry, and astronomy in multiple educational institutions throughout Antioquia, a prominent administrative region in Colombia. His impressive background and skill in creating innovative instructional methods in science education positioned him as a significant figure, serving as a source of inspiration for coordinating Asteroid Day events.

He is the driving force behind the Astrofanaticos initiative, a project that brings together young individuals who are enthusiastic about science and learning. In 2020, during the pandemic, Álvaro came up with the idea of hosting virtual educational workshops on topics such as astronomy, dinosaurs, geometry, and origami three days a week. This approach not only engaged children from various parts of the country but also led to the formation of a dedicated group, showcasing his dedication to promoting education and participation on a larger scale.


Astrofanáticos founder Álvaro José Cano Mejía with students in the 2022 and 2023 Asteroid Day editions. 

Astrofanaticos stands as a reference, persistently organising workshops, lectures, and various events tailored for both educators and children aged between 5 and 14.


Workshops on asteroids and space missions, planetarium sessions and lectures are part of Astrofanaticos’ list of engaging activities.

Alvaro’s initial participation in Asteroid Day in 2019 inspired Astrofanatico to include Earth’s protection against asteroids in their activities. Since then, the group has been involved in every edition, connecting especially well with young audiences. The fascination of asteroids naturally engages children, igniting their interest and excitement.

Astrofanatico has set itself apart through creative teaching strategies focused on asteroids. One standout initiative was a fanzine with a space rock theme released during their first participation in Asteroid Day.

Feel free to discover an English version of this unique material.

Fanzine about space rocks distributed during Asteroid Day activities

As Asteroid Day approaches, other interesting and fun activities are made available on their social media and can be downloaded for free by teachers and children anywhere in the world.

Examples of activities about asteroids that are available for free on Astrofanaticos social medias.

In upcoming editions, Astrofanaticos plans to host seminars focusing on asteroids and planetary defence, featuring guest experts in these fields. Their commitment to fostering a connection with students will persist, serving as the driving force behind their work, where creativity plays a crucial role in inspiring and guiding new generations.

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