Marco Fuchs

Marco Fuchs

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Marco Fuchs, attorney, principal shareholder, CEO and, since 2000, a member of the Management Board of OHB, one of the leaders of the European space technology industry involved in all fields of the space business: from satellites and constellations for navigation, research, communications and Earth observation, to scientific and exploration missions, manned spaceflight, as well as Ariane launcher components and space-based technologies for security and reconnaissance.

Born in 1962, Marco Fuchs studied law in Berlin, Hamburg and New York. From 1992 to 1995 he worked as a lawyer in New York and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1995 he joined OHB, a company his parents had developed from small beginnings into an international systems provider in the space technology sector. In 2000 he became the CEO of the current-day OHB SE, a European aerospace and technology group with two business units – Space Systems and Aerospace + Industrial Products.

He has been Honorary Consul of the Republic of Italy in the State of Bremen since 2008 and, since 2017, vice president at the German Aerospace Industry Association BDLI. Marco Fuchs is married and has two children.

“Making space technology useful for humankind and improving our lives here on Earth is what keeps us at OHB going the extra mile in our challenging work in space projects”, says Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB. “I am proud that the expertise and commitment of our highly qualified space engineers and the tremendous progress being made in space technology pave the way for projects that are not only visionary but, like asteroid deflection missions, will also be of crucial importance to the protection of our planet.”