Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Rhea Abdo

Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Rhea Abdo

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Asteroid Day global programme would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of our interns. They are behind the scenes of our major events like Asteroid Day LIVE, Gala, Technical Briefing and community events in Luxembourg.

In this Community Spotlight we asked Rhea Abdo, a business and marketing student at IAE Metz, School of Management in France about her experience. She joined the Asteroid Day team in November 2020 while she was completing her BA at the University of Lorraine.

Rhea, how did you hear about the Asteroid Day internship?

It was introduced to me by a family member. I was really interested in the idea and agreed to try it out for a couple of days. I’m still loving it a couple of years later!

What were some of the roles you held while interning?

I assisted the team with marketing & communications and was in charge of sponsorship benefit fulfilment. My tasks included writing, designing visuals for social media, setting up and publishing blog posts on a WordPress website, generating reports, producing bi monthly newsletters, photo and video editing.

What were some of the new skills you picked up?

I learned how to use project management tools like Asana, different analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Meltwater, Talkwater), video editing software, design, copywriting, newsletter production, sponsorship communication, work ethic, teamwork, and how to efficiently work under pressure.

What was your favourite part about the internship as a whole?

“Family” meals (Asteroid Day Team cooks and eats together during the high event season). I especially loved the pickle sandwiches. Asteroid Day LIVE – meeting so many interesting people from the space sector and getting to speak with them at the Gala. I LOVED all the fellow-interns. One of the coolest things that happened to me was definitely having a zoom call with Asteroid Day Co-founder Brian May.

What person did you meet during the internship that inspired you and why?

Planetary scientists Gianluca Masi, Sara Russell, Naomi Murdoch and NASA Astronaut Ron Garan. They were all so inspiring.
Asteroid Day Board members, who always introduced me to the community and made me feel welcome. And a big inspiration is Asteroid Day Programme Director Colleen Fiaschetti. I’ve learned so much from her over the past few years.

How did the internship impact you personally and/or professionally?

It was my first ever work experience, so it really shaped me and prepared me very well for whatever future role I will take on. I grew as a person and gained so much confidence and knowledge in many aspects.

Would you recommend interning for Asteroid Day? Why?

YES, YES, AND YES! It will be an unforgettable experience for you. You will be learning so many skills and will meet very impactful people.

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