Asteroid Day with Société d’Astronomie de Cannes in France

Asteroid Day with Société d’Astronomie de Cannes in France

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Cannes is renowned worldwide for its rich blend of culture, history and natural beauty. The city’s appeal extends beyond its well-known fashion maisons and prestigious film festivals. In particular, the Société d’Astronomie de Cannes (Astronomical Society of Cannes) has played a significant role in enhancing the city’s standing by organising captivating activities and devotedly promoting astronomy.

Established in 1960, this society stands as one of the most prestigious institutions in southern France. Bringing together individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and professions, the society thrives on a shared passion for the celestial bodies. By organising a variety of monthly events, such as informative conferences, interactive workshops, and engaging sky-watching sessions, the society actively promotes a strong sense of camaraderie among its members residing in Cannes and the neighbouring areas.

Patrick Michel, distinguished planetary scientist and Asteroid Day Expert Panel member, is currently the President of the Astronomical Society of Cannes. He has made significant contributions to Asteroid Day events, including being a speaker at Asteroid Day LIVE. Thanks to Patrick’s efforts, Société d’Astronomie de Cannes successfully made its debut on Asteroid Day.

Posters from the first Asteroid Day event organized by the Société d’Astronomie de Cannes. The one on the left for an adult audience, the one on the right for children.

While asteroids have been a prominent topic in the association’s monthly conferences, the arrival of Patrick Michel in the board of directors has significantly expanded the range of activities related to this fascinating subject. His contribution has played a crucial role in advancing asteroid-related initiatives, such as the integration of asteroid tracking using the association’s telescopes and promoting more frequent events dedicated to the study of these celestial bodies.

Moments from the Asteroid Day event organised by the Société d’Astronomie de Cannes in 2023.

During the 2023 edition of Asteroid Day, the event included both a lecture and an interactive exhibition. The exhibition presented 3D models of asteroids, along with informative posters. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to see images of the asteroid Bennu, provided by Julien Serrecourt.

Mr. Serrecourt is the regional coordinator of Asteroid Day in France, and communication and public relation officer for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and affiliated with the Laboratoire Lagrange.

Asteroid models and posters were some of the highlights of the event.

The Société d’Astronomie de Cannes has a history of actively participating in “Les Nuits des étoiles” (Night of the Stars), an annual astronomical festival organised in August by the French Astronomical Society.

Stargazing with the Société d’Astronomie de Cannes at the ‘Nuits des Étoiles’, an important astronomical festival held every August in France.

Originally created to observe the renowned Perseid meteor shower, this nationwide festival has evolved over the years. Currently, it collaborates with various organisations, planetariums, and observatories across France, providing a multitude of captivating activities for both enthusiasts and the general public.

With a history spanning over sixty years and guided by committed and enthusiastic individuals, the Société d’Astronomie de Cannes has the necessary qualities to establish itself as a leading reference for Asteroid Day within the country.

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