Asteroid Day Highlighted Event – Astronomy On Tap, The Netherlands

Asteroid Day Highlighted Event – Astronomy On Tap, The Netherlands

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Astronomy on Tap Flyer

Astronomy on Tap is a popular Dutch event that takes place on the first Monday of every month in the Buckshot Cafe in Groningen. At least, it did until the restrictions to control the pandemic were enacted. Like so many other events, Astronomy on Tap moved online, and for their July edition they chose to celebrate Asteroid Day with us. The online event took place on 6 July, which was the closest of their meeting events to Asteroid Day on 30 June. 

“We were very happy that despite the fact that we can’t host the events in the pub anymore, we are able to organise it online and share our passion and knowledge,” says Dr. Katya (Kateryna) Frantseva, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Zoom Presentation with Speaker Matthew Kenworthy

The speakers for the evening were Rosita Kokotanekova and Matthew Kenworthy.

Rosita is a Research Fellow at the European Southern Observatory (ESO). She presented her talk Comets and Asteroids: Milestones in the Solar System History, and took questions from the on-line audience. Matthew is an associate professor of astronomy at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and gave a talk about Seeing the shadows of planets, comets and rings around other stars. He too fielded questions from the online audience. 

Following these two lectures, the attendees headed over to their virtual pub to take part in an astronomy quiz via kahoot.it .

Although no one knows yet when Astronomy on Tap may return to the Buckshot Cafe rather than being conducted online. There is one thing on which Katya is certain. Asked whether she plans to stage another Asteroid Day event next year she answers with a resounding, “Yes. Definitely!”