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Asteroid Day Logos

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The Asteroid Day logo could be used for promotional tools, media or printout. Before using the logo please refer to the following rules and regulations on the usage of the logo.

Color Specifications:
  • The Asteroid Day official logo has a specific orange-monochromatic color scheme. The many variations of these can be found below.
  • Please do not change color of the logos. Use color variation palette to fit the needs of your personalized item. No other version of the logo should be used nor should the layout of the official logo altered in any way.
  • Please use the dark colored logo scheme on light backgrounds and vise-versa.
Please do not:
  • Alter or cover the logo
  • Alter the proportions, position or letter spacing.
  • Strech, condense, distort or seperate logo elements. (You can scale the logo as needed for different size usage, but you must preserve the aspect ratio so that the Asteroid Day logo is not streched.)
  • Alter the color scheme or add additional effects
  • Change the logotype with another typeface. The typeface is fundamental for our visual identity and should not be changed or substituted.
  • Place an image over the logo, all other logo’s promoting your individual event should be placed adjacent to the Asteroid Day Logo.
  • Rotate or flip the logo image

Do you need the logo in high resolution?

To download the logo of your choice, click on the image below. Dimensions are displayed at each Logos section. If you are seeking for a logo with transparent background, then download this package.

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