Lynn Zoenen

Lynn Zoenen

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Lynn Zoenen is a Principal at Alpine Space Ventures.

Lynn built her career in the NewSpace industry, leading the European business development & sales activities of the Japanese space exploration startup ispace. In this role, she built the company’s public and private European payload sales pipeline, formed joint technology development with non-space companies across various industries, and coordinated activities between the engineering and business teams.

Lynn also served as the chair of the technical team for the Hague International Space Resources Working Group, which was responsible for creating a governance framework for space resources for the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

After her time at ispace, she co-founded Moonarch, an incubator and accelerator of NewSpace businesses based on terrestrial technologies from various industries including telecommunications, robotics, navigation and biology.
Before joining the space industry, Lynn advised the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce on space matters as Strategy & Economic Advisor and acted as Luxembourg’s advisor to the World Economic Forum. Lynn holds a Bachelor degree in International Business Administration and a Master degree in International Political Economy from King’s College London.