Heli Greus

Heli Greus

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Heli Greus is the Product Assurance and Safety Manager of the HERA mission at ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands.

Heli ensures that all the equipment used for the HERA mission is qualified and can handle the extreme space conditions, especially the latest technologies that are integrated and used in the equipment. She also makes sure that all the safety aspects will be taken into account in on-ground operations when integrating the satellite and on launch site.

Heli was born and grew up in Northern Finland. She received her BSc.in Space Systems Engineering from Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and then continued her studies in Espoo, Finland for MSc on RF technology. While studying she was working in Finnish space industry (Space Systems Finland, Ylinen Electronics) as RF designer and Product Assurance Engineer. She joined European Space Agency in 2007 as a Product Assurance and Safety Engineer. Prior to the HERA mission she has gained experience on telecommunication, Earth observation and science satellites (Hylas-1, EDRS-A and -C, MTG, Euclid,..). She also has given support for ESA Academy by giving lectures for students on ECSS quality standards. In addition she also developed and gave lectures for a training course called “Product Assurance in ESA projects” for Small and Medium Enterprises and ESA New Member States.  

Follow the HERA mission:
Website: www.esa.int/hera
Twitter: ESA_TECH and ESA_OPS

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