Detlef Koschny

Detlef Koschny

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BiographyDetlef Koschny, Co-manager of ESA’s near-Earth object segment

Born 13 March 1962 in Pfarrkirchen in Bavaria, Germany.

BSc Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Aerospace Engineering, University of Munich; Masters Research into impact craters at Caltech in Los Angeles, United States; PhD in Planetary Science, University of Munich, Germany.

In 1994, Detlef gained a management position at the Max Planck Institute of Aeronomy, where he worked on the scientific cameras now used on the Rosetta spacecraft. In November 1997, he moved to ESTEC to develop and implement the science operations activities of Rosetta, Venus Express, and BepiColombo. In 2007 he switched to becoming Study Scientist for different planetary missions. Since 2008, he also co-manages ESA’s near-Earth object segment within its Space Situational Awareness program. He performs research in his own specialist area, meteors.

In his spare time, Detlef enjoys looking through his telescope or playing organ in a blues rock band.

He is married with two grown-up children.