Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Carolina Brauer de Morais

Asteroid Day Community Member Spotlight – Carolina Brauer de Morais

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Carolina Brauer de Morais

Introducing Carolina Brauer de Morais, a student currently on her final year at the European School of Luxembourg II in Mamer. In addition to her academic endeavors, Carolina holds the role of Ambassador for the Luxembourg Space Agency and is part of the “Astronaut for a Day” project. In the following interview, Carolina provides insights into her extraordinary journey and her dedicated involvement as a space enthusiast.

Astronaut for a Day

What responsibilities do you have as an ambassador for the future of space?
As an Ambassador for the Luxembourgish Space Agency my main commitments are to inform people in my environment about the project Astronaut for a Day and space in general. Another important aspect of being a space Ambassador is to try to help to overcome the image of only being able to work in the space, as a scientist or engineer. As specified during the panel “talents for space” at the New Space Event 2023, there are many opportunities and career options to work in a job related to space like the finance sector or marketing or even through art related jobs.
My goal, for example, is to become a medical doctor and this could develop into a connection to work with the space sector in the hearth area but also for medical research.

What were some of the new skills you picked up?
Through my entire Astronaut for Day journey and being a space ambassador, I picked up a big variety of new skills. For example I was able to further develop my communication skills through a workshop organized by LSA (Luxembourgish Space Agency) about social media and the importance of photography.

How does the experience with Astronaut for a day impact you personally and professionally?
The experience with the Astronaut for a Day has impacted my personal and professional life in so far, that I created a network of contacts and strong ties with some of my teammates. I really look forward to staying in contact with my teammates, we grew close to each other.
It has also helped me to keep on believing in myself and my capacities.

What is your favourite part about Astronaut for a day as a whole?
My favorite part however was definitely the Zero-G-flight – what an experience to no longer feel the weight of your body – something I will never forget in my life.

What person did you meet as an ambassador of Astronaut for a day that inspired you and why?
The other part was meeting so many amazing and inspiring people, like Janelle Wellons, a flight director at a private space company located in Tokyo. She truly inspired me with her positive attitude and helped me understand that it is important to believe in your dream.
Another person I already met at the Asteroid Day in 2017 and will definitely not forget is Jean-François Clervoy the former Astronaut. I believe he catches everyones attention with his passion for space and the enthusiasm e.g. explaining the Zero G-flight in preparation of the event.

Watch the video of the incredible experience: Astronaut for a Day

Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day 2017, Carolina with Jean-François Clervoy, Rusty Schweickart, Edward Lu, Nicole Stott, and Dumitru Dorin Prunariu

Your involvement with Asteroid Day:
I participated in the Asteroid Day back in 2017, at that time I was only 11 years old, but already fascinated by the space and asteroids. During that event I had the opportunity to talk to some astronauts legends (i.e. Jean-François Clervoy, Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, Nicole Stott, Edward Lu and Rusty Schweickart). I remember Jean-François Clervoy telling me I should never give up and take each opportunity that was given me. Those words have helped me to achieve many of my goals. In 2017 I have been interviewed by Delano, this was my first experience with the media.
In 2023 I was lucky to get selected for the Astronaut for a Day program.

Asteroid Day 2023, Carolina on stage, for the announcement of the “Astronaut for a day” participants.

How did you hear about the opportunity to get involved with Asteroid Day?
I discovered the opportunity to get involved with Asteroid Day through the organisation’s website.

What were some of the roles you held while interning/working for Asteroid Day?
Asteroid Day enabled me to learn more about the different areas of space activity and also they announced “Astronaut for a day” participants at Asteroid Day 2023.

How did the experience with Asteroid Day impact you personally and/or professionally?
My experience with AD had a positive impact on my life. It reinforced my interest to space and all related facets. And last but not least through the event I had the chance to exchange and meet with many inspiring people.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: Carolina Brauer de Morais