Tasked with helping to ensure the future competitiveness of Luxembourg’s financial sector, focusing on digitalisation, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology has supported the growth and development of roughly 250 Fintechs employing over 5,000 people.

The LHoFT Foundation is a public–private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry, connecting the domestic and international Fintech community.

Luxembourg is the Eurozone’s leading financial centre and the second-largest investment fund centre in the world. It is an internationally recognised innovation centre with incredible agility. Luxembourg is an ideal environment for Fintech with a dynamic and accessible ecosystem, a multilingual workforce fluent in French,
German and English, and a truly international orientation. It is the Fintech gateway to Europe.

The LHoFT is Luxembourg’s dedicated Fintech centre where finance and technology interact to foster innovation and develop solutions to shape the future of financial services. Offering Fintech incubation, co-working and a soft-landing platform, the LHoFT also connects, engages with and creates value for the broader Fintech ecosystem: financial institutions, the IT industry, investors, research and academia as
well as regulatory and public authorities.

At first glance, it may not be immediately apparent how Fintech and the space sector are linked. However, there are a few ways in which these two seemingly disparate fields intersect. Both industries rely heavily on advanced technologies and innovations. Fintech companies and startups are increasingly integrating SpaceTech into their operations. The technology used in space exploration has led to the development of new financial technologies. For instance, satellite-based payment systems can provide financial services to people in remote areas that lack traditional banking infrastructure.

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