Experimenta is Germany’s largest Science Center with a total area of 25,000 m², equipped for all formats of STEAM science communication.
The variety of activities available at Experimenta are grouped into three “worlds”: The “Discovery Worlds” with their different exhibition spaces, the “Research Worlds” with specialized laboratories, and the “Experience Worlds” which are grouped around the Science Dome.

Experimenta exists of  9 modern laboratories, 4 permanent hands-on exhibition worlds, special exhibition areas, classrooms, open research and science maker spaces, talent-finding labs as well as an astronomical observatory and a ground-breaking Science Dome.
The Science Dome is an innovative facility that houses a tilted 21,5-meter multimedia dome with a full-size theater stage with a revolving auditorium.
After a 180-degree turn of the auditorium, visitors find themselves under a state-of-the-art planetarium or before a theater stage. It offers visitors of all ages a way to immerse themselves in unknown worlds, without visual limits. Stimulating stories of the natural world and technology explain scientific phenomena and awaken a passion for discovery.

The observatory is located on the building’s rooftop, another high-tech dome structure that lets visitors travel through time and space. The all-sky dome on the rooftop terrace houses powerful telescopes and four observatory stations for star-gazing events.