OHB System AG

OHB SE is a European aerospace and technology group and one of the most important independent forces in the European space industry. With almost 40 years of experience in developing and executing innovative space technology systems and projects and a dedicated range of aviation/aerospace and telematics products, the OHB group is superbly positioned for international competition. OHB SE presently has a total of 2,800 employees in selected ESA member countries, allowing the Group to participate in numerous European programmes and missions.

In the space segment, the OHB group’s activities include development and manufacture of  satellites for the whole range of satellite-based applications as well as complex payloads. OHB  contributes to the Ariane Launcher programme and is, for instance, working on the exploration of our solar system, with primary focus on Mars, the moon and asteroids.

Lean more about the OHB group and its challenging projects: www.ohb.de