OffWorld is a pioneering company dedicated to transforming the solar system into a habitable environment for human life and civilization. Our mission is to develop an autonomous, multi-species robotic workforce capable of performing complex tasks in extreme environments, on Earth, the Moon, Mars and asteroids. Our robots are designed to excavate, extract and process resources, and manufacture habitable structures, all with minimal human intervention. We are also reinventing Earth-based practices and technologies in the mining industry together with our Tier 1 mining customers, putting bots before boots and making this key industrial sector more productive and sustainable. In 2023 OffWorld Europe has undertaken extensive research and development in the field of processing lunar regolith and operating robots in the extreme environment of the Moon. Our future goals include the expansion of our swarm robotics capability to near-Earth asteroids and the Martian surface. OffWorld is at the forefront of space colonization, opening up new frontiers for humanity.

“As the Managing Director of OffWorld Europe, I am proud of our involvement in Asteroid Day, a United Nations sanctioned event dedicated to raising public awareness about the responsible use of asteroid resources. As a key player in Luxembourg’s thriving space ecosystem, we are committed to the development of an autonomous robotic workforce designed to operate in extreme environments, including asteroids. Our work aligns seamlessly with the goals of Asteroid Day, and we are excited to contribute to this global conversation right here in Luxembourg. We hope that our participation will inspire and attract the next generation of engineers and scientists to explore the exciting domain of space resources utilization. Together, we are opening up new frontiers for humanity and making space more accessible and sustainable for future generations.”

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