Galati Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium of the Natural Sciences Museum Complex Galati

June 30
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On June 30, at 21:00, a scientific conference on the asteroids will be held in the Auditorium Hall of the Museum, after which a series of astronomical observations will be made on asteroids. In this sense, those present in the conference room will be able to watch live images of both the control room and the observatory, thus understanding how the asteroids are observed using the telescope and the CCD camera. At the end of the observations, people present at the “Asteroid Day” will see how astronomical measurements are made on asteroids. After this event’s important moment, the visitors will go upstairs on the astronomical observation terrace, where we will observe the following astro-bodies: The Moon, planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, bright stars, double stars etc. At the same time we will present the main stars and constellations of the summer sky.


June 30


Ovidiu Tercu

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