The story behind the Asteroid Day 100X Declaration:

To build awareness of the problem, a small group of insiders crafted what we titled the 100X Asteroid Declaration. The drafters were experts in the  planetary science community.  Such experts in fact they each have an asteroid named after them!

The primary drafter was Rusty Schweickart the Apollo 9 lunar module pilot, the former manager of the Space Lab and the co-founder of B612.  His Asteroid is called 17033 Rusty,

Rusty was joined by Tom Jones who is a scientist, author, pilot and astronaut who flew on four NASA space shuttle missions.  His Asteroid is 10828 TomJones

Along with Rusty and Tom, Mark Boslough helped draft the declaration.  Mark is a physicist, a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, an adjunct professor at University of New Mexico and part of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Asteroid 73520 Boslough was named after Mark.

And finally they were joined by Ed Lu a former NASA astronaut who flew three space missions.  Ed was the first American to launch aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and lived on the International Space station for over 6 months. 17032 Edlu is his asteroid.

These four people drafted the 100X.  They then passed it on to Association of Space Explorers Asteroid committee for refinement and final approval….. YES! Believe it or not, the ASE has a committee on asteroids.  Remember these space explorers have all been to space and they more than most, understand how vulnerable our home is. Afterall, each astronaut looked down from a vantage point we can only imagine.

Once the Asteroid Committee approved the 100X, astronauts and cosmonauts worldwide were asked to sign the declaration.  70 and counting have signed on.

Then we began inviting scientists, entertainers and business leaders to sign the 100x as well.  We have over 150 signatories at this point.

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