Sponsorship & Communications Internship Luxembourg | Now Hiring

Asteroid Foundation is seeking an Sponsorship & Communications Intern to work in our office full-time from April 15 – July 15 (3 months). This person will be in charge of managing all speaker and sponsor communications leading up to (3) major Asteroid Day events in June. This person has excellent customer service skills, is highly organized, works well under pressure and can speak and write in English fluently. French speaking is a plus. This person will be required to work in our office in Kirchberg and must be able to commute to the office.

About Asteroid Foundation

The Asteroid Foundation is a nonprofit based in Luxembourg, with the goal to promote worldwide awareness, understanding, and education about asteroid opportunities and risks and the emerging space economy.

The Asteroid Foundation’s main program is Asteroid Day, a United Nations sanctioned day that takes place annually on 30 June. Asteroid Day yearly events are hosted in both Luxembourg and worldwide. Gobally, Asteroid Day events are largely independently organized for people of all ages and are mostly free-of-charge. In partnership with RTL and SES, the Asteroid Foundation produces Asteroid Day TV –a  designated satellite and cable tv channel delivering 24 hour asteroid content, which goes live for the entire month of June.  

In the weeks leading up to 30 June, the Asteroid Foundation invites astronauts, space experts, scientists and celebrities to come to Luxembourg and speak at Asteroid Day LIVE– a live 4 hour broadcast in 2020 produced at RTL. Asteroid Day LIVE is then broadcasted on Asteroid Day TV reaching any household on Earth that has access to satellite TV or the internet. Speakers are also invited to attend an academic Technical Briefing, Astronaut Meet & Greet and gala dinner. Additionally, the Asteroid Day’s produce’s Asto + Experts –a series of educational opportunities in partnership with the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. Asto + Experts 

Job Details

Seniority Level: Coordinator – Internship
Employment Type: Full-time April 15 – July 15 (3 months)

Job Functions
  • Asteroid Day Gala 
    • Manage AD Gala forms, including registration, dietary restrictions etc. 
    • Provide guest services for Asteroid Day Gala including invoicing and follow-up communication
    • Assist with Gala seating chart
  • ADLive Speakers
    • Request headshots & biographies to supply to graphic designer for event program
    • Communicate AD LIVE schedule, AD Tech Briefing schedule/info, answer questions and provide information leading up to event.
    • Support Operations Manager in coordinating speaker travel/logistics
  • Sponsor communications
    • Manage sponsor guest list for Gala event 
    • Provide invoices for donations/sponsorship
    • Requesting Media Kits (logo assets) & program content (ads, logos) 
    • Assist with setting up Astro + Expert program in Luxembourg
  • Good understanding of G-Suite: Forms, Docs, Spreadsheets, Drive, Hangouts
  • Experience working with social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Have exceptional communication skills and the ability to work with cross-functional teams
  • Are able to jump between multiple projects with ease
  • Highly organized and has ability to self-manage and keep track of multiple projects
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral, are necessary.
  • French or Luxembourgish is preferred.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Colleen at colleen@asteroidday.org with a personalized cover letter and cv.