Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand

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I work half time as president of The Long Now Foundation, mostly these days on a project called “Revive & Restore.”  Occasionally I give talks.  Occasionally I write books or articles.  It’s been going on for a while—see bio.  And etc.

Past books:  Two Cybernetic Frontiers (1974), The Media Lab (1987), How Buildings Learn (1994), The Clock of the Long Now (2000).

What do I usually do?  I find things and I found things.  Things I find include tools, ideas, books, and people, which I blend and purvey.  Things I’ve founded and co-founded include the Trips Festival (1966), Whole Earth Catalog (1968), Hackers Conference (1984), The WELL (1984), Global Business Network (1988), and The Long Now Foundation (1996).

Less well known things I’ve started and co-started…  New Games (1973),CoEvolution Quarterly (1974), Uncommon Courtesy (1982), GBN Book Club(1988), All Species Inventory (2001), and Long Bets (2001) and Seminars About Long-term Thinking (2003)—both within Long Now.