About – International Planetarium Societe Inc.

The International Planetarium Society is the global association of planetarium professionals. Its nearly 700 members come from 35 countries around the world. They represent schools, colleges and universities, museums, and public facilities of all sizes including both fixed and portable planetariums.

The primary goal of the Society is to encourage the sharing of ideas among its members through conferences, publications, and networking. By sharing their insights and creative work, IPS members become better planetarians.

IPS membership is open to anyone interested in planetariums. Members include directors, teachers, technicians, writers, artists, media specialists, digital artists and producers, presenters, vendors, scientists, students, and sponsors and friends of the planetarium dome and its starry sky.

More than 20 regional and national planetarium associations from around the world are affiliated with IPS. Representatives from those affiliates, together with the elected officers, make up the Executive Council, the ruling body of the organization.

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