Danica Remy (left)

Sillicon Valley Operative and B612 COO. View her profile.

Grig Richters (centre)

German Filmmaker whose film, 51 Degrees North, led to the creation of Asteroid Day. View his profile.

Rusty Schweickart (right)

Apollo 9 astronaut and Planetary Defense expert. Founder of B612 (Retired). View his profile.


Dr Brian May

Queen co-founder, legendary guitarist and astrophysicist. Animal rights activist and stereoscopy expert.

Mark Boslough is a physicist at Sandia National Lab and the Chair of the Asteroid Day Expert Panel. Thumbnail picture

ADXP Chair

Dr Mark Boslough

Chair of the Asteroid Day Expert Panel (ADXP). Physicist at Sandia National Laboratories.

Head of PR, Diane Murphy. Aquarius Group

Head of PR

Diane Murphy

Aquarius Group. She is also the head of Communications and Public Relations at Singularity University.

Max Alexander is the Official Asteroid Day photographer


Max Alexander

Official Asteroid Day photographer. Also works for the UK Space Agency and many others.

Asteroid Day 2016

Part of the Asteroid Day 2016 Global team at the California Academy of Sciences. Co-founders Danica Remy and Grig Richters with interns Manuel Baeuerle, Thomas Katucki and Events Manager Jennifer Arriaga.

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