After an Asteroid Day event

We’d love to know about how your event turned out. Please provide a short statement along with photos and videos from your event to give a concise overview of the hard work and success of your event. This statement will help build your reputation each year and help spread the importance of Asteroid Day across the globe.

  • Event Location

  • (i.e. Central Park, British Museum, Arecibo Observatory)
  • Event Audience

  • Choose all the groups that were in attendance.
  • Event Description

  • Please provide a short statement (3-5 sentences) about the event. Where did it take place? Was it developed with another partner organization? What were the highlights of the event?
  • Event Publicity

  • If you registered the event on our website.
  • If there was a Facebook page for the event. This should not be a group facebook page for your organization.
  • Any flyers or advertisements you used to promote the event.
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  • We’d like photos of your event to demonstrate the IMPACT Asteroid Day is making across the globe. Please include your favorite photos and videos as well as any that have a group of people or your audience with the Asteroid Day logo in the picture. These photos with the logo are very helpful for promotional purposes. Photos should be clear and not fuzzy.
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  • Miscellaneous

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