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Some of the events on this map are still from 2017. The map will be refreshed in early March 2018.

Asteroid Day is a global awareness campaign where people from around the world come together to learn the dangers asteroids pose and what we can do to protect our families, communities, and future generations. The United Nations declared June 30 as Asteroid Day. The date of Asteroid Day commemorates the anniversary of the Tunguska asteroid impact over Siberia, Russian Federation, on 30 June 1908. All around the globe, regionally organised events are held on Asteroid Day. These events range from live concerts and community events, to lectures and other educational programmes, to raise public awareness of the need for increased detection and mapping of asteroids.

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Screen a Film

51 Degrees North is the feature film which inspired Asteroid Day. It was directed by Asteroid Day co-founder Grig Richters. Dr Brian May composed the music. You can screen it free of charge at your event.

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Video series

Scientists Rock is a 7-part video series created by Asteroid Day introducing you to the people working to protect us from asteroids. Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Featuring Brian May, Chris Hadfield and many others.

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You can download any of our videos and use them at your event.

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Asteroid Day 2017 stats

  • 1,200+ self-organised events
  • Events across 200 countries
  • 500,000+ participants (offline)
  • 4+ Million participants via live streams
  • 120,000 Tweets mentioned Asteroid Day on June 30
  • #ASTEROIDDAY Top ranking across international social media and #2 in US
  • 20 Billion Media impressions

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