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Supporters featured in the videos:

Adigun Abiodun, Alan Harris, Amanda Sickafoose, Anousheh Ansari, Bill Nye, Brian May, Chris Hadfield, Sir Crispin Tickell, David J. Eicher, Detlef Koschny, Dorin Prunariu, Ed Lu, Franco Ongaro, Geoff Notkin, Grig Richters, Helen Sharman, Ian Carnelli, Jean Francois-Clervoy, Josep Trigo, Lord Martin Rees, Luca Parmitano, Mark Boslough, Patrick Michel, Pedro Duque, Peter Gabriel (coming soon), Rusty Schweickart, Scott Manley, Stuart Clark, Thomas Jones.

Video Messages from our Supporters

You can watch and download the videos through Vimeo, here.

Bill Nye, Planetary Society

Alan Harris NEOShield-2

Amanda Sickafoose‘s meesage from South Africa

Brian May – The Asteroid Day success

Brian May – Why he’s interested in asteroids

Brian May – The importance of Asteroid Day. Discovery Science TV Spot from 2015.

Chris Hadfield – Importance of Asteroid Day

David J. Eicher, Astronomy Magazine

Dorin Prunariu, Romanian astronaut

Lord Martin Rees, Britain’s Astronomer Royal

Josep Trigo Rodríguez, Astrophysicist

Sir Crispin Tickell, British diplomat

Luca Parmitano, ESA astronaut

Sir Crispin Tickell, British diplomat

Thomas Jones, Astronaut

Past Press Conferences

Asteroid Day 2016 Press Conference

Hosted by the European Space Agency at their technical facility, ESTEC. On February 9, 2016.

ESA Press conference, webcast.

Asteroid Day announcement

An international webcast. Hosted by the Science Museum in London and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

B-Roll – Ed Lu, Rusty Schweickart and Thomas Jones

Talks & Presentations

Asteroids 101: What are Asteroids and Where Are They? | Rusty Schweickart

Asteroids in the Solar System | Scott Manley

Meteorites and Impact Craters | Geoff Notkin

Changing the Course of the Solar System | Ed Lu

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This video can be downloaded (here) and is also available in Spanish, German and Italian.

Asteroid Day – ESA experts explain the nature and threat of asteroids

Videos in other languages

Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, French

El astronauta español de la ESA Pedro Duque habla del Día de Asteroide

Josep Trigo Rodríguez habla del Día de Asteroide

Hungarian: Dr Brian May talks about the importance of Asteroid Day.

Russian: Dr Brian May talks about the importance of Asteroid Day.

Czech: Dr Brian May talks about the importance of Asteroid Day.

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