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Event Registration

Step 2 – Page Visuals

You can customise your event page by including photos and videos that captures the essence of your event.
Photo ideas:
  • Photos of the venue
  • Of the hard working staff putting it together
  • Processes of your event planning
Video ideas:
  • Video of one of your event speakers
  • Trailer of a movie you’ll be screening
*If you curated an event last year, add some of the photos or videos from your previous event*
Additionally, you can incorporate quotes and other images to your event page.
Spice up your event page by incorporating some relevant quotes from event guests, your organisation, or by publicising a quote that highlights your event’s purpose. Some asteroid-relevant quotes can be found here.
Image Suggestions:
  • Images of the country or city where the event is being held
  • Maps demonstrating where the event will be held
  • Add star constellations to your page if you’re doing a stargazing activity

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