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After your Event

Asteroid Day event in Russia at the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. Credit: Discovery Russia
After your event, show us how it went!
Upload photos and videos from your event
We’d like your event page to demonstrate the IMPACT Asteroid Day is making across the globe. The best way to demonstrate this is through a visual experience. Therefore, including quality videos and photographs will highlight your event whilst sharing your Asteroid Day experience with the global community. Upload your videos and photographs to your respective Asteroid Day event page on our website. We’ll walk you through how to upload them onto your event page and into our Dropbox. (Tell them how to upload videos and photos on their page. The Dropbox should be specific to the specific event page)
*If your budget allows it, we suggest getting a professional photographer, to help execute quality photographs and videos. However, If you have a small budget and are concerned about production costs, there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself.*
Event Statement
Give a brief statement about the finalized product. We’d love to read about how your event turned out. Please provide a short statement (3-5 sentences) calling attention to the highlights of your event. The statement will be used to give a concise overview of the hard work and success of your event. Lastly, this statement will be used on our archive and will help build your reputation each year. We will keep the archive of the prior events live on the website year after year.

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