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Asteroid Day wants to edit its annual Asteroid Day LIVE Printed Program in the month of June 2020.

The following RFI includes a background of our organization and describes the purpose of the redesign, its desired functionality, and specific requests relating to the proposal. We understand that details may be subject to change upon vendor recommendation and / or research of more optimal solutions. In your proposal, please feel free to suggest alternatives where noted.

About Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day is an educational program to inspire the world about asteroids – their role in the formation of our universe, how we can use their resources, how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration and finally how we can protect our planet from asteroid impacts. Asteroid Day events are held on 30 June each year to mark the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska impact. Asteroid Day events are largely independently organized around the world. Science clubs, educators, and asteroid enthusiastics host local events for people of all ages and are mostly free-of-charge. Asteroid Day is a program run by the Asteroid Foundation, a Luxembourg based nonprofit.  Asteroid Day is supported by the Luxembourg business community and Government and donors worldwide.

Project Overview

Asteroid Foundation is seeking a skilled professional Graphic Designer to edit our annual Asteroid Day Printed Program. The program is made up of a series of images and copy that will need to be replaced in the month of June. This designer must be fluent in InDesign, InCopy and have some Photoshop skills. This job will require speaking English and French as the designer will be asked to communicate with the Program Director (English) and Luxembourgish printers. The Graphic Designer may be required to come into Luxembourg City with the Program Director and to manage printing. This person will have the option to work from home or come into the office. All designs and printed materials will belong to the Asteroid Foundation. 

NOTE: This contract is to update our already existing document. Proposals for new design creation will not be considered. 

Scope of Work
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Communication with Program Director
  • Sending digital files into the printer
  • Pass off native files to Foundation
Technical Requirements

Design of documents – Adobe Indesign
Copy edits – Adobe InCopy
Photo editing- Adobe Photoshop
Languages- English, French (to communicate with printers)

Project Timelines

Week 1 June 

  • 3 June Project review with Program Director
  • Make any necessary design updates
  • Update copy and images
  • 09 June Send sample print to printer

Week 15 June 

  • Add remaining copy and images
  • Send to copy editors to review 
  • 16 June make any updates 
  • 17 June send final draft to Program Director

18 June

  • Send final booklet to printer for print

Proposal Due:  April 15th

In your submission provide:

Link to your portfolio of work
Estimated cost for project, approximate hours for completion
Information about how you typically work with your clients including digital delivery of files
Two professional recommendations or references

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Colleen at with a personalized cover letter and cv.