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Asteroid Foundation is seeking an experienced PR Agency/Person in Luxembourg. The job will be to manage all public relations, media, press releases, press event planning, outreach, market research and promotion of our annual Asteroid Foundation Programs (Asteroid Day, Astro+Experts, Tech Briefing, Gala)  in addition to the new EU NEO-MAPP consortium in Luxembourg. 

The following RFI includes a background of our organization and describes the purpose of our PR efforts, its desired outputs, and specific requests relating to the proposal. The job may be subject to change upon vendor recommendation and / or research of more optimal solutions. In your proposal, please feel free to suggest alternatives where noted.  Respondents need to be fluent in English, French and German. If you are interested, please prepare a proposal to accomplish the tasks outlined below that includes a timeline, cost, and deliverables.

Your proposal or bid should clearly separate the estimated costs between Asteroid Foundation and NEO-Mapp.  Please see how we structured the table below. 

Budget & Timeline

Budget dependent on experience and proposed scope of work.
Peak media season is Feb 15 – June 30 majority of the work being 15 days prior to June 30th.
We are looking to engage an individual or firm for 1 year – with the option to extend for another 2 years after that.

Proposal Due: 13 March Friday to:

Colleen Fiaschetti

In your submission provide:

Estimated cost – Provide separate cost estimated for Asteroid Day and NEO-MAPP
Link to your portfolio of work displaying experience/expertise
Information about how you typically work with your clients

About Asteroid Foundation

The Asteroid Foundation is a nonprofit based in Luxembourg, with the goal to promote worldwide awareness, understanding, and education about asteroid opportunities and risks and the emerging space economy.

The Asteroid Foundation’s main program is Asteroid Day, a United Nations sanctioned day that takes place annually on 30 June. Asteroid Day yearly events are hosted in both Luxembourg and worldwide. Gobally, Asteroid Day events are largely independently organized for people of all ages and are mostly free-of-charge. In partnership with RTL and SES, the Asteroid Foundation produces Asteroid Day TV –a  designated satellite and cable tv channel delivering 24 hour asteroid content, which goes live for the entire month of June.  

In the weeks leading up to 30 June, the Asteroid Foundation invites astronauts, space experts, scientists and celebrities to come to Luxembourg and speak at Asteroid Day LIVE– a live 4 hour broadcast in 2020 produced at RTL. Asteroid Day LIVE is then broadcasted on Asteroid Day TV reaching any household on Earth that has access to satellite TV or the internet. Speakers are also invited to attend an academic Technical Briefing, Astronaut Meet & Greet and gala dinner. Additionally, the Asteroid Day’s produce’s Asto + Experts –a series of educational opportunities in partnership with the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. Asto + Experts 

The Asteroid Foundation offers a Friends of Asteroid Foundation membership, which entails those who join to receive a newsletter twice a year, occasional invites to events in Luxembourg and discounts to various space-related and asteroid programs and activities.

About NeoMap

Asteroid Foundation has been awarded a grant to run the website and PR activities for this science collaboration over a three year term.  NEO-MAPP stands for Near Earth Object Modelling and Payloads for Protection. The NEO-MAPP project addresses the topic “Advanced research in Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and new payload technologies for planetary defence” (SU-SPACE-23-SEC-2019) and concentrates on the first two sub-topics:

  1. a) Maturation or adaptation to specific use cases of existing modelling capabilities.
  2. b) Development of instruments, technologies and related data exploitation models to support NEO missions.

The NEOmapp website can be found here. The PR firms role to this project is to liason between project leadership and the press.  See Scope of Work table below.

Brand Identity /Awareness:

Represent brand voice in all communications 

Build a positive Brand Identity for Asteroid Day that reflects the vision, expertise, and experience of Asteroid Day team.

AD  has an established brand and already has significant worldwide recognition.

Maintain visibility – to garner the respect of the public, the space community and increase the potential of donors.

This is a collective EC project and is just starting. It will need help creating a voice and brand.  As this is a science project and the voice will be scientific but should be accessible to the public.

The work will include defining voice and identity on website and in other communication vehicles.

The DRAFT Website is already online 

Reputation management: 

Communication via email emails, newsletters, messaging on website copy or blog content, social media management, and engaging with followers.

Asteroid Day has an established group of supporters and influencers.  The job will be to develop our current communication tools to activate the existing network strategically in the coming years as well as sustain education and interest of stakeholders and vested parties.  E.g campaign plans vs. implementing the actual social media posts. Leveraging the existing Asteroid Day 100x Signers work to develop a set of communication tools to engage a smaller more focused set of influencers for this project. Work with a small group of lead scientists who are part of NEO-Mapp and build their credibility as experts globally.
Media relations: 

Manage the relationship and database of writers, bloggers, and producers covering Space, Planetary Science, Innovation, Technology and Business and tailored to reach the identified key audiences. 

The Asteroid Day media database needs to be updated.  Asteroid Day’s key media list is largely USA centric but we have a good global list as well.  We have an extensive existing list of media of over 800 media contacts worldwide. We need help building the European and LUX space media lists. Here is a sample of the media reach in 2019 which is NOT complete. We expect the firm will maintain or exceed prior years media reach numbers. NEO-Mapp needs to have its own list of journalists.  There will be overlap from the AD list, but in the end this is science mission vs. General public education & awareness so we need a refined PR list for this program.  We currently have a europe centric list of 300+ media already
Media Coverage:

writing and placing news features; editorials

writing and placing opinion pieces; letters to the editor,  sustaining a strong social media campaign

Clearly, communicate the importance of the various Asteroid Day programs; Asteroid Day LIVE, Asteroid Day TV, Technical Briefing, Asteroid Day Gala, Astro + Experts and more.   This largely done through our press releases. However the PR person maybe asked to ghost write OpEd pieces or strategic articles on behalf of the co-founders or the program from time to time. For NEO-mapp the PR person will likely need to PLACE OpEd scientific articles written by the scientists who are part of the NEO-map program.
Public Relations/ Communications:

Create and sustain an international, multi-tiered Public Relations and External Communications Campaign

Work with the team to create and execute exciting campaigns for Asteroid Day connected primarily to the  Asteroid Day (there are 3) annual Press releases/conference for both
Luxembourg and global press:
Feb 15
Last week May
5 days before Asteroid Day
We assume that there will be one or two press releases per year for NEO-Mapp – more likely ONE.

1 in person press conference each year somewhere in Europe.

Content Creation:

Fact Sheets, Bios, BROLL, Media Kits, placement opportunities.

Our current press room and assorted materials can be found here.
This person’s job will be mainly CLEAN UP, not creating new content other than occasional event materials.Event marketing materials including Calendar LISTINGS in publication worldwide and COPY for website and documents
for key events including:
Tech Briefing
Asteroid Day LIVE from Luxembourg
Asteroid Day Program 
NEO-MAPP will need all new materials created.
Fact Sheet
Leadership Bios
Media Kit
++ review of and edits to the website
Deliverable Timeline
Press Conferences: TWO  in person Press Conferences annually– in Luxembourg on the SAME day. Location already set (Arendt House).  Usually last week in June
ONE virtual press conference around Feb 15th.
ONE press conference annually
Press Releases: Last week in May, 2020
5 days before Asteroid Day
Feb 15, 2021
Distribution of 1-2 Press Releases annually 
Social Media Engagement: Year-round – however we have social media team.  Only content strategy or feedback is required. Monthly – Summary of activities from the NEOmapp group.  E.G. co-write with scientists. They will lead in development – you will hone the copy/message.
Media Analysis Delivered 2x  yearly
Jan – July & August – Dec
Annually date to be determined