Broadcast Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical issues we are running the ESA/ESO program again after our LIVE program from the National Air and Space Museum. All programs after that are 2 hours later than scheduled.

European audiences:
Can receive our dedicated satellite TV channel or stream our 48-hour broadcast. Details below.

  • TV info: Astra 1L @19.2
    East Service Name: Astroid Day 2018
    Service ID: 4299
    Transponder: 1.006
    Orbital Pos: 19.2 East Downlink
    Frequency: 11288.00 MHz
    Polarization: Vertical Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK
    FEC: 2/3
    SR: 22 MSym/s

Worldwide audiences:
Can stream our 48-hour broadcast for free from the homepage of our website (, our Youtube channel or Twitter.

May also request the stream via CDN. More information can be found in our Newsroom.